Enrolment Information

Enrolment Policy Guidelines

Sunbury Catholic Parish Enrolment Policy Guidelines

The existence of two schools in this Parish follows from the responsibility shared by members of our community to provide formation in faith through Catholic schooling for all our baptised children. In April 1978, the Bishops of Victoria reaffirmed “the Catholic school as the most appropriate means of ensuring the proper education of Catholic children…” It is in the light of this directive that our enrolment policy has been formulated.
Local pastoral discretion is an important element of decision-making with regard to enrolment in our Catholic schools. Therefore, while bearing in mind that their first priority is to Catholic parents, our Parish Priest and Principals may exercise some flexibility with respect to enrolment decisions where pastoral discretion may be deemed necessary.

Priority of Enrolment of Students

1. Priority of access to our Catholic schools will be given to children who have siblings already enrolled in either school.
2. Second priority will be given to Catholic children who live within the parish boundary. These children must attend the designated school for their place of abode if there is a vacancy. (see map)
3. Catholic children from other parishes (for pastoral reasons).
4. Children from non-Catholic Eastern churches who reside in the parish.
5. Children from non-Catholic Eastern churches who reside outside the parish.
6. Other Christian children who reside in the parish.
7. Other Christian children who reside outside the parish.
8. Non-Christian children who reside in the parish.
9. Non-Christian children who reside outside the parish.

Before consideration is given for the acceptance of an enrolment, parents will need to have an interview with the Parish Priest and principal.
The Parish endeavours to accommodate all Catholic children in a Parish primary school. In situations where one school is unable to offer a position to all Catholic applicants the other school will assist in accommodating these children.
The designated area for each school will be reviewed annually in order to meet the changing patterns of growth within the Parish.

General Guidelines

1. It is expected that as parishioners, parents of children enrolled in parish schools would be supporting our Parish and our school physically and financially (Thanksgiving and school fees). It is also expected that they would support the policies, religious teachings and practices of the Church as advocated by the schools. Parents who it is felt are not supportive of the policies of the school could be expected to justify their child’s continuing enrolment in the school.
2. The Enrolment process is to be advertised concurrently in the Sunday Parish newsletters and in weekly school newsletters for at least two weeks. Applications should then be returned to the schools, together with the relevant documentation by the due date.
3. Receipt of an enrolment application does not indicate that enrolment has been accepted. After the closing date, families of applicants will be invited to attend an interview. After all interviews have taken place a decision to offer a place in our Parish schools will be made collaboratively between our Parish Priest and principals. Late applications will only be accepted while classes have available places. If there is an excess of applications, names will be placed on a waiting list.
4. As the Church’s mission is particularly to those in greater need, no discrimination will be shown against families or situations where parents are unable to pay fees. Where the latter situation exists, parents are expected to contact the Parish Priest or Principal (authorised representative) in confidence. Failure to either pay fees or contact the Parish Priest or Principal for an interview will result in a meeting to discuss continued enrolment and future options.
5. A $50 application fee is due on lodging the application forms. This fee is non refundable.
6. An acceptance fee of $150 is due on being offered and accepting a position in our schools. This fee is non refundable and is rebated against the first school fee account.
7. This Enrolment Policy is consistent with the Catholic Education Office of Melbourne Enrolment Policy.
8. The Parish Priest reserves the right to review the general guidelines at any time.

The compulsory age by which a child must be enrolled in Victorian school is the year in which the child turns six years of age. The minimum starting age is four years and eight months, i.e. A child must turn 5 by 30 April in the year of school commencement.

The enrolment of children under the minimum age is NOT recommended.

In situations where a parent seeks enrolment of a child under the minimum starting age, the approval of the Director will be required. Supporting documentation detailing substantive reasons for early school entry will be required from appropriate health and educational professionals. This documentation should be provided by the parent and submitted by the principal to the Director for consideration. Please note that such approval will only be given in exceptional circumstances.