Student Wellbeing


At Our Lady of Mount Carmel the school addresses the social and emotional needs of all students.

Research tells us that the most influential factor in being successful in life is not our IQ, but our EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

Our school embraces theĀ Restorative Practices Philosophy. Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of the effects their actions have on others and to restore the relationships which have been changed by their actions.

At Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we believe that the wellbeing of the students is a shared responsibly between students, parents, staff and the wider parish community. This area of the school encourages students to develop the life characteristics of confidence and resilience.

A Social and Emotional Learning focus on Circle Time and Building Classroom Community/Relationships is an initiative each class participates in at the beginning of the school year. Circle Time is a means by which children can explore their experiences and individuality, balanced against the experiences and views of others. It addresses student needs as well as providing a stimulating and engaging forum for learning. Through the initiative, teachers are developing a classroom environment of mutual respect, trust and relationship building to enable students to develop to their full potential.