Learning & Teaching


Our Lady of Mount Carmel offers a holistic education that is based on Catholic Tradition in a contemporary setting.

The Religious Education Program underpins all of the arrangements we make for children’s learning at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and so is an integral inclusion in our curriculum.

Visible learning is the foundation of learning and teaching at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The personalisation of student learning requires a dynamic and changing environment. Children are provided with opportunities to make decisions about their own learning within a framework guided by the teachers. In this approach the importance of student voice and negotiated directions and outcomes is brought out in their personal goal setting and regular feedback undertaken between teachers and students. Teaching is targeted at student need and interest to make the process of learning enjoyable as well as fulfilling.

The Victorian Essential Learnings are the guiding documents for all Victorian schools. They allow us to develop an integrated approach to curriculum planning and implementation. These frameworks allow for, and encourage, the variety of assessment and reporting procedures currently in use at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

We have many effective educational programs due to the talents and abilities of a team of professionals who have the skills and attitudes necessary to meet the variety of needs of the children in today’s primary school setting.

Currently Our Lady of Mount Carmel offers specialist classes in:

  • Digi Tech
  • Visual Arts
  • Physical Education

Our curriculum caters for student’s individualised learning, including extension or intervention, through designated programs enabling all students to achieve their potential.

All learning areas at Our Lady of Mount Carmel are fitted with contemporary learning tools, including Interactive White Boards and computers (Apple Mac).

OLMC MACS Curriculum Checklist OLMC MACS Assessment and Reporting Policy OLMC MACS Assessment and Reporting Procedures OLMC MACS Requirements for Curriculum Provision Assessment and Reporting Guidelines